Download and use Safari browser for Windows 10

Safari is a great web browser but perhaps it does not have the same fame and transcendence as the classic Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, even Opera. Even so, you can boast of being one of the lightest and least memory-consuming web browsers, even though you open 20 tabs at a time.

Although the browser is developed by Apple and comes by default in the Mac OS system, Safari browser was discontinued by Apple for Windows versions, So it’s not a good idea to download Safari for windows computer. As it is venerable to the attacks and malware. If you know what you are doing then continue forward

Safari can be used in Windows 10 and has a specific version for it. Below we will detail some of its most interesting features.

Features of Safari Browser

Privacy and Security – Safari is the only browser with the DuckDuckGo feature, a search engine that does not track users.

Faster than Chrome and Firefox – No other browser compares with Safari; Which is the fastest browser on the planet.

Longer battery life and better performance – Safari has a battery-saving technology and an incredibly fast JavaScript engine.

Protection from harmful sites – Safari protects you from those fraudulent sites and other people hosting malware. It prevents these sites from loading and gives a warning if a site looks suspicious.

You can easily access your favourite sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

AirPlay enabled – AirPlay allows you to play video from a Web page on your TV. Just click the AirPlay icon on the supported videos and see them on the big screen.

Mute Tab – You can mute the audio instantly without having to struggle to find the tab from which it comes.

Safari Performance vs. Chrome and Firefox

From Apple always emphasise the performance of Safari when it comes to rendering web pages, especially those with a lot of multimedia content such as images and videos.

Although the benchmark and comparatives are always very partial, especially if it comes from the company that develops the browser, I attest that Safari is really good, starts fast, does not consume as much memory and as far as functions have everything you can ask for A browser.

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