Google Releases Optimized OS for Containers on Google Cloud

Containers have recently become a hot topic in IT there is no one without knowing Containers in IT field. According to Google, Containers can be the starting point for the next level innovations.


 So tThe Google Cloud Platform  Team started offering Operating System (OS) on its Google Cloud platform which optimised for containers. So from now, customers can choose the Container operating system which they can use in the Google Cloud Platform and run the containers directly on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Containers

Google Cloud Team said there are so many Operating Systems available for running containers however there was a huge demand from it’s customers for the operating system that Google itself is using to run the Containers. Therefore, Google had released its container-optimized operating system (COS) as beta version about a year ago. This system was previously known as a container VM. Under COS, services such as Google Cloud SQL and Google Container Engine run on Google itself, so the system can not fail.

Now Container-Optimized OS (COS) is officially available. According to the announcement, COS Docker containers can be run directly, and it supports Kubernetes to start and manage a large number of containers, which is also called orchestration.

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Google has, according to his own data in COS the lessons learned from a decade of container deployment. The system is based on Chromium OS and is available as a developer, beta and stable version.

COS features include special kernel optimizations and optional automatic updates. Two separate root partitions are used, one of which is active and one passive. The passive can be updated and made active in the event of success. Thus, updates of the entire system become an atomic transaction, and update problems are largely excluded.

COS is also designed for security. The root file system is minimal and can not be changed during operation. Google has also installed its own file system integrity checks. Also installed are a restrictive firewall and audit logging.

Some of the Features of Container Operating System are:

  • Transactional updates
  • Secure by design
  • Container-ready
  • Controlled build/test/release cycles

The source code of COS is stored in the Chromium OS repository . Documentation on COS can be found in the Google Cloud .

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