Recover Deleted Files on iCloud

Before starting, let me share with you, my experience in recovering the accidentally deleted file from my Mac computer.

A week ago on an unlucky day, I had accidentally deleted my Database files which are very important to me as my whole past work is stored in that Database file. Things became even more, worse when I came to know that there is no backup of that Database anywhere.

So the only way for me is to restore the file from iCloud. After few hours of reading the iCloud usage manual on, I came to know there is a chance to get back my files. Hola!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what iCloud does when you delete the file, When you delete the file in iCloud the files are moved to the “Recycle Bin” just like the “Trash Folder” on your Mac and “Recycle Bin” Folder on Windows computers.

From this folder iCloud lets you restore the files deleted accidentally, Note iCloud store the trash memory only for 30 days. So you better figure out what you have deleted within 30 days from deletion of files. Else they are gone forever so act fast.

Steps to Restore Deleted Files from iCloud:

Step 1: You visit the website

Step 2: Enter your iCloud Login detials and login into

Step 3: Now click on Settings

Step 4: Now you can find the option “Restore Files” left bottom.

Step 5: Select the files you want to restore one by one. or You can select the option to select all files to restore the files.

This is How you can restore the Deleted Files from iCloud.

Not only you can restore the files you can also restore the few other things which are linked with iCloud like iCloud Bookmarks, Reminders in Calendar and not just files you can also recover the photos.

Recover Photos from iCloud:

Step 1 : Login to your iCloud account

Step 2: Click on Photos Menu

Step 3: Click on Albums Menu

Step 4: Select the option “Restore Recently Deleted”

This is how you can restore. And don’t forget to take backup of important files and be care full while deleting the files.


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