Telegram X Update : Multi-account support, More Themes, New Emojis

Telegram X Update : UP Board Result 2018: UP Class 12th Results 2018 on April 29 at 12:30 pm at  Telegram X has been updated in the Google Play Store with support for multiple accounts, more themes, for new emojis with different skin tones and much more.Telegram is in one of the most important moments since its foundation. On the one hand the Russian government has asked for the encryption keys of its service. On the other, it has reached 200 million users .

But in the midst of all that the application engineers do not rest and continue to improve the different versions of the service. This time it is Telegram X that has benefited from a large set of improvements in the beta version.As you already know, this variant of Telegram focuses on being faster and having more fluid animations than the traditional version.

Telegram X Update : Multi-account support, More Themes, New Emojis

Telegram X Updated Features

Multiple accounts :
Now we can connect several accounts from the application and switch between them by simply sliding the side menu and clicking on the one we want.

We can also see a preview of the chats of each account if we leave the finger pressed on them, although that will not mark us as “Connected”, which is useful if we want to see if someone has answered us but we do not want to enter the account so that it is known that we have seen it.

We can move the position of the accounts in the side menu by clicking and dragging to different zones.

More topics and changes in channels :

In addition to the classic theme we will have new colors : red, orange, green, pink and blue.We will be able to deactivate the mode of bubbles of chats for the channels, appearing only the photos that we are publishing in them, that will occupy all the area.

More options in the maps :
Without leaving the application we can see maps and move around them. It will also be viable to send our location in real time and the person to whom we send it will see the distance between the two.

Telegram X

If we open one and click on a place it will be zoomed in but if we touch the screen we will return to the initial position.

This section is also updated with a dark theme that will be activated in night mode automatically if we want to.

New animations :
When someone is writing in a chat we will see it in a more animated way, with the text that indicates it in movement.

The same thing will happen when they send us a photo, record a video or an audio file.

Preview photos in notifications :
When we receive a photograph or a sticker it will appear in the notification bar of the mobile phone , just as we see the text sent to us.

However there are two situations in which it will not be like this. If the image weighs too much the system will load only the text, so as not to slow down the sending of the notification. We can also disable this in the settings and if we have removed the automatic download of multimedia elements, the images will not appear here, as we will have to enter the chat and give it to download.

New tones in the emojis
Great renewal in Telegram X: multi-account support, more themes, new emojis …

When we use an emoji that has several tones, such as faces or hands, we can leave it pressed to change the color of the skin. If we also slide up we will change this in all the emojis.

Changes in the chats
The windows of the chats have also obtained new functions. For example, if we click on the date of one we will go to the first message of that day.

Phone numbers will now be highlighted to see them more easily and if we click on the top we will open the profile of the person we are talking to.

We can also see the preview of the images and GIFs before sending them.

There are even more new features, minor, that will be useful for some users with specific usage patterns. You can see them all in the official announcement of the update .

All these developments can be tested if we install the latest version of the Telegram X beta , which can be officially downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

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